(Sponsored) Zombie games are obviously not a new concept in the video game industry, and VR is not an exception. So you as a developer definitely have to step up your game if you want to get deserved attention and recognition. Arcadia VR made the right decision to make a not-your-ordinary zombie game, Requisition VR.

Requisition VR is a 4-player online survival action shooter set in the Nevermont right in the middle of the end of the world.  

I’ve had an opportunity to get a key for an early build made for press and influencers. The build has two modes: Story Mode and PvP and two maps: gas station and hut. The devs were so kind as to provide additional keys to test out PvP aka Deathmatch mode. And I would say that the game is equally fun in both modes. And I’m really eager to play the other modes the EA release will have to see new maps and more content.  

Requisition VR is just getting better when you realize how many opportunities to play you have. Dive into the story mode in order to save the town or hop on the multiplayer train with your friends or any random players. By the way, you can play story mode together as well. 

The killer feature they implemented and that’s what made the game different and interesting is craft. You can make different types of weapons using almost anything you can find on locations. Also, you can fight with any items. That leaves a choice to players, if they want to be more thorough or hectic. If you’re not really in the craft or zombies surrounding you, just grab literally anything to keep you safe. 

There are big variety of hero weapons, bombs, and traps that are sort of pre-made and you need to find certain items for them. All in all there are over 500 items to test your imagination with. Have fun with the lamp combined with a fork or the toaster weapon that went viral on Reddit. 

Another cool mechanic is barricades. It allows you to protect any building you’re in, so zombies or enemies can’t get through. 

There are several types of zombies, and may I say that some of them are really creepy. They can lurk and jump on you, they can run at you and it’s a pretty scary experience. They are fast, they are sneaky, they are real monsters and add a bit of horror to the game. 

Requisition VR will be released in Early Access on the 20th of October since the devs implemented some experimental mechanics they would like to get feedback on. The players are highly recommended to join their Discord server to have an opportunity to talk to developers, find teammates, and be on board with all the news. 

Note that Requisition VR will be released on Steam in Early Access on the 20th of October.


Sean Earley is the Executive Editor of AR/VR Magazine & co-founder of RobotSpaceship Podcast Network. He is the Director of New Biz Development and Publishing at KEMWEB, a musician, producer & consultant. He loves guitars, VR and coffee.