I received a pretty cool toy in the mail the other day, so I wanted to do a quick review. The DRVR Virtual Reality Phone Case is a 3D printed phone case that expands into a simple virtual reality viewer. It features a base with a stand and two VR lenses that pull out of the main phone case which assembles into a Google Cardboard style VR viewer.

The case is made out of rugged 3D printed plastic, the phone straps are relatively tough and the lenses focus clearly. As most 3D printed items are, the edges are a bit rough, but overall it works great as a sturdy, portable VR viewer.

Because of the location of the black base, combined with the pressure of the straps, I had a bit of a problem with it pushing the phone buttons, so it takes a bit of adjusting to find a comfortable position, but the focus distance is decent and after a little tweaking, it works great for a simple, quick viewer for showing off your VR apps.

The cases are made to order, you can have your logo printed on them and are priced at $29.66 via the Etsy shop.

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