Press Release – 11th Sept 2018 – UK – Following on from a successful UK event at VR World 2018, AiSolve is set to debut its newest WePlayVR multiplayer arena and introduce its fourth VR arcade title, Star Defence, to the international market at the Euro Attractions Show (EAS).

AiSolve is launching their most immersive game yet called Star Defence. The fourth title in the WePlayVR game catalog is set inside a spaceship where players battle together to become heroes against an onslaught of drones. This experience is an action-packed two-person space adventure and is highly interactive and an extremely immersive haptic experience now featuring collaborative gameplay.

To coincide with the launch of Star Defence, AiSolve is also introducing its new multiplayer WePlayVR arena. An upgrade to the popular 3m x 3m, the new design offers a bonus leaderboard system and the ability to host multiple players at any given time.

Star Defence will be the first game title to exclusively launch alongside the new arena. AiSolve’s first two games, Mayan Adventure and Alien Invasion, are compatible with both versions of the arena with more interactive options to enjoy. WePlayVR’s added leaderboard gives players the chance to track scores and compete against each other across the globe.

Even with these new changes to WePlayVR, there’s one element that has remained the same, the spectator portal. The system runs real-time footage of each game, providing an exciting teaser to the audience watching outside the arena. Not giving too much away, this clever software has the ability to cut away at the most dramatic moments, keeping the most thrilling moments for only the player to experience.

The entire WePlayVR product line is designed for family entertainment centers, malls, retail destinations, museums and science centers and includes a one-of-a-kind haptic floor. WePlayVR as a turn-key VR arcade is a modular installation that allows players to free-roam through a physical arena while wearing a VR head-mounted display, guided by interactive VR content displayed through a backpack-powered HTC Vive headset.

AiSolve continues to roll-out WePlayVR across North America, Europe and the Middle East. Star Defence will ship to WePlayVR arenas through AiSolve’s exclusive networked operating system, which houses the WePlay content library.

About AiSolve
UK-based VR specialist AiSolve has partnered with leading arcade and gaming brands such as Bandai Namco and the largest Middle East distributor of attractions, ASI (Amusement Services International) to distribute its proprietary WePlayVR arenas globally.

AiSolve is a software and technology developer and creative production house specializing in designing and developing intelligent and responsive digital media installations for retail and leisure destinations. AiSolve harnesses emerging technologies and combines them with powerful proprietary AI (artificial intelligence) to deliver unique, interactive, immersive and intelligent out-of-home gaming attractions among other VR products


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