While attending the Virtual Reality for Global Brands 2016 convention in London, I had a chance to talk to James Eduard Marks from PsychFi Lab who gave me a preview of a VR app called #HackThePlanet. (Android & iOS)

#HackThePlanet is a Google Cardboard app that was created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of cyberpunk composer Simon Boswell (Ashens & The Quest For The Game Child, Burn:Cycle, Drug Bust Doody) and the geek cult classic ‘Hackers’.

The app provides a psychadelic joy ride into the machine, featuring an electro track by ‘Revenge of Calculon’ & ‘Simon Boswell’. The track includes early experimental samples and code, that never made it into Simon’s ‘Hackers’ EDM soundtrack, and was recently discovered on a yellow PsychFi floppy disc. As a spoiler alert, at the end of the app, you get to meet Timothy Leary!


The app was launched last year at the 2015 MCM London Comic Con. During the event, the app was synced with a live musical performance which was documented as a world record holder for the largest shared VR viewer experience by the audience.

This app was definitely one of the highlights of the convention which showcases the true power of PR when placed in the trusting hands of artists, musicians, hackers and the counter culture. Instead of a branded marketing campaign as many VR apps feel like these days, #HackThePlanet is more like a collectable piece of history, like a vintage band T-Shirt or an obscure show poster. Memories, culture and technology all rolled into one. Something you want to experience over and over again.

Turn On, Boot Up and Trip Out!

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