A brand new episode of the animated VR anthology series “Tales from Soda Island” was released today for Oculus Quest users in the new Virtual Animation Player app (Formerly known as Quill theater).  The episode, titled “The School Trip,” takes viewers on an unforgettable voyage as they follow a single drop of glucose rain on a transformative journey through the highly immersive and colorful world of Soda Island.

“The School Trip” is the fifth episode of the growing Soda Island series, which has taken viewers on an expedition into a vibrant untamed jungle, into the depths of a bleak underground metropolis, across multiple dimensions, and on a high-speed race across the quantum realm. Each episode also includes three pieces of supplemental content that expand the island’s lore and give greater context to the events, characters, and environments from the stories. You can find the episodes here: https://ocul.us/3Esr7eV Tales from Soda Island is made in Quill and is the first animated series created entirely in VR. It exists in the Virtual Animation Player alongside a growing library of animated VR content such as Nightmara,  Lifetime Achievement, the Remedy, and _Hello. All of which are available completely free.

“The hand-painted nature of Quill gives virtual animation like ours a distinctly hand-crafted appearance and bold visuals unlike anything else found in VR.”
-Nick Ladd

About Studio Syro

Studio Syro is a small team of international artists and animators. Their goal is to bring VR animation to the mainstream by producing high-quality work and telling new, original stories.

Website: https://studiosyro.com/


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