July 1, 2022 – Mainz Germany – AR/VR Magazine is excited to present B2M – Business to Metaverse 2022 – The Online Conference for the Future of German Business in the Metaverse, on July 14, 2022.

Everyone is talking about the Metaverse, but what is it exactly? What roles do technology, mixed reality, platforms, NFTs, blockchain, and content have to play in it? And what will our economy, culture, and leisure time look like in the future?

Get the answers you need and find out what opportunities the Metaverse has in store for both you and your company at this year’s conference: B2M – Business to Metaverse 2022.

Sponsored by KEMWEB, AR/VR Magazine and the Robotspaceship Podcast Network, B2M features an exciting online live event, filled with ideas, tech demos, interactive discussions, and roundtable sessions.

The event, which is targeted primarily toward German business, will feature both English and German panel discussions from our diverse lineup of experts.

Speakers include:

  • Ashley Crowder – CEO of VNTANA
  • Alan Smithson – Co-founder of MetaVRse
  • Alexander Schweitzer – Minister for Labour, Social Affairs, Transformation and Digitization for the State of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
  • Judith Klose – VP Communication, Civey
  • Kharis O’Connel – Head of Futures Design (America) at Amazon
  • Sascha Pallenberg – Tech blogger, Consultant & Chief Awareness Officer at The Platform
  • Malte Blumberg – Head of IT infrastructure department, ARD & SWR
  • Ole Reuss – Head of Software Development Center Hannover, Volkswagen
  • Christian Byza – Co-Founder OMR & Cryptohunt, Group Product Manager LinkedIn
  • Jason Yim – CEO and Executive Creative Director, Trigger – The Mixed Reality Agency
  • Frederik Peters – Strategy at SWR
  • Michael Gairing – CEO RAUM Virtual Collaboration GmbH


  • Daniela Bublitz – Event Moderator & Communications Consultant
  • Oliver Kemmann – CEO – KEMWEB, Digital Transformation Expert, Podcast-Host of “Das Digitale Sofa”
  • Sean Earley – Founder of AR/VR Magazine, Senior Consultant at Kemweb GmbH
  • Lars Michaelis – Head of KEMWEB Digital Studios

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