March 31, 2022 – Reykjavik, Iceland – Arkio, the collaborative spatial design tool, is now available on the official Meta Quest App Store with groundbreaking new features. With Arkio and the passthrough capabilities of Meta Quest, people can for the first time seamlessly blend their physical and virtual environments when designing architecture. It is now possible to draw new walls in your physical space, create windows through physical walls, place virtual furniture and even sketch entire house extensions on top of the real world.

With this release, Arkio adds support for Meta Avatars so users can be themselves when working with others in Arkio. A new bi-directional Unity integration enables game designers to collaborate in VR when designing game environments and to easily export the results back to Unity directly from Quest. With the new Arkio components users can create walls, windows, doors, stairs and complete buildings with a single gesture in VR. Finally, this release of Arkio introduces the Arkio Headquarters, built inside Arkio in VR and featuring a training center, gallery and auditorium.

“We are excited to launch Arkio on the Quest Store and to show the world the amazing possibilities of Arkio and Meta Quest”, said Hilmar Gunnarsson, Founder & CEO of Arkio. “Being able to seamlessly mix realities with passthrough modeling is nothing short of magic and opens up many unique use cases for anyone doing spatial design. With the Unity integration, iPhone LiDAR imports, Arkio components, new design review capabilities and the new Arkio headquarters there’s so much new to see and experience in Arkio on Quest.”

About Arkio:  

Arkio is a collaborative spatial design tool built from the ground-up for VR. Arkio now makes the leap into the official Quest App Store following a successful launch on the Quest AppLab last year that saw professional architects, game designers, educators and hobbyists using Arkio to design architecture inside VR. With Arkio you can easily sketch interiors, buildings and entire urban plans in real-time with other people using VR, desktops, tablets and phones. Anyone can try the basics of modeling and collaborating in Arkio for free, paid plans are available for users requiring advanced meeting capabilities and workflow integrations. For more information, visit


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