Press Release – Gliwice, Poland – November 8, 2017 – Carbon Studio is proud to introduce the second major content update to The Wizards. The Wizards is an action-adventure VR spellcaster that fulfills the dream of becoming a powerful magician. The game was released on Oculus Store and Steam Early Access on July 28th.

This latest update introduces Arena Mode, which invites players to assail endless hordes of enemies on two brand new battle arenas and compete with other players on a global scoreboard.

Along with brand new levels, Arena Mode introduces new hub, new enemy types, unique Fate Cards and a progress system independent of the campaign. Each arena has its own objective aside from the main goal, which is to stay alive as long as possible.

It’s the second major update with new content that has been promised by the developer for the period of early access. The first update introduced free locomotion, a feature requested by many players of the game after the release.

According to Paweł Gajda, Manager at Carbon Studio “With free locomotion update our goal was to address players’ request for free movement and to enhance the feeling of exploration. This time, our focus was on delivering replay value. Arena Mode challenges players to master their skills and compete with other players. We believe it’s fun and something that doesn’t wear out too quickly.”

More details about Arena Mode can be found in a Steam update note:

About Carbon Studio

Carbon Studio is a growing team of dedicated game developers based in Gliwice, Poland. They strive to create high quality, enjoyable, and immersive applications that explore all the new possibilities offered by VR. Carbon Studio are the creators of the popular VR games The Wizards and Alice VR.


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