KRAILLING, GERMANY – Corning Incorporated today announced that the company’s Corning Laser Technologies (CLT) business has further developed its Corning® nanoPerforation technology for even more precise laser cutting of glass materials. With its new Enhanced nanoPerforation (EnP) approach, CLT can offer increased edge strength for high-index glasses, providing exceptional performance on free form contour designs. This capability enables designers and manufacturers to meet the expectations of future augmented reality applications. 

Augmented reality (AR) devices are designed to overlay the real world with electronically generated images to enhance everyday lives. A critical component of AR devices is diffractive waveguide technology, in which light is guided from a projector through the eyepiece into the viewing field of the observer. To extend field of view and reduce the weight of the devices, glasses are designed to have a high refractive index. This leads to challenging processing requirements for singulation from a wafer to a part, but Corning’s proprietary nanoPerforation process can precisely extract customer-specific eyepiece shapes without hindering the quality of the glass. 

“Corning Laser Technologies’ nanoPerforation laser processing approach has been an established process of record for glass cutting over many years. This capability provides a proven solution for augmented reality eyepiece singulation, offering improved edge strength that benefits the end device as well as cleaner cut with far less particles and pollution than alternate solutions,” said Michael Mueller, business director, Precision Glass Solutions and Corning Laser Technologies. 

Corning’s Enhanced nanoPerforation (EnP) approach achieves automated laser singulation and can increase the edge strength of the glass by over 50% compared to existing laser processing methods. In addition to improved edge strength, Corning’s laser-based solutions also offer unmatched performance for contour accuracy and edge surface quality, extending the possibilities for AR and other applications. © 2022 Corning Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. 

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Title: Typical shape for glasses utilized for AR wearables. 


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