31st August 2022 – Metaverse-as-a-service company, Sequin AR, announces a partnership with Section 9 Entertainment and award-winning digital artist and visionary storyteller, Dan LuVisi, which will see a metaverse world created, based on his graphic novel, Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter. Actor and Director, Dash Mihok, from Showtime’s Ray Donovan, is advising Sequin on adapting scripted content to the metaverse.

The graphic novel made waves when it was first published by Heavy Metal in 2010 — immediately hitting the publisher’s #1 bestseller spot and selling out within 48 hours — thanks to its dynamic art style, and unorthodox narrative structure.  Over the course of an epic 230 pages, the graphic novel tells the story of Gabriel, a Paladin soldier, who is framed for a crime and sent to a torturous prison. Upon his escape, Gabriel sets about getting revenge on those who wronged him, journaling his vengeful adventure within his “Killbook”. 

A Comic-Con special edition toy of “Gabriel”, created by massively-popular brand Funko POP, sold out on the first day of the convention. Dan’s iconic “Hex” image from LMS has since appeared on numerous websites and platforms, amassing in excess of 100 million views. Post book launch, a fierce multi-studio bidding war for the entertainment rights ensued, with Paramount earning the winning bid. The property rights recently reverted to Section 9, and LMS is currently in development as a multi-platform project.

LMS is simultaneously a scrapbook-style graphic novel, a character bible for the anti-hero Gabriel, and an introduction to the colorful, yet deadly world of New Amerika. Initially released as a series of artworks, LMS soon gathered a rabid fanbase that demanded more of Dan LuVisi’s world. Over two and a half years, Dan fleshed out his artwork into Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter.

The universe of LMS will be open to fans in a way that is only possible in the metaverse. Those who enter the LMS metaverse will play a part in a gripping, interactive story narrative that takes place within a constantly expanding, evolving environment. Section 9 and Sequin AR are working together to create a way for LMS fans to follow in Gabriel’s footsteps and become legendary, badass bounty hunters in their own right. They will experience the explosive action that LMS is known for, whether they decide to work with, or against some of the most vicious headhunters around.

Sequin AR is a premium metaverse solution and virtual production studio that provides brands with complete metaverse infrastructures. Founded by Robert DeFranco, Sequin AR expertise in crafting high-fidelity and high-quality user experiences led them to work with major brands such as Disney, Apple, Meta and more.  

Film producer and Section 9 co-founder, Stephan Lokotsch first approached Sequin AR with the idea of creating an LMS metaverse. With a rich world and a pre-existing community, the company believed LMS was the perfect property for a metaverse environment, and that Sequin AR was the right team to realize this story in the metaverse.

“At Section 9, we’ve been closely following the evolution of Web3, with all its implications, since its early stages. The inherent opportunities to expand stories and worlds were immediately clear and compelling, and we’re excited about the recent improvements in the space, specifically related to sustainability. Re-grouping and partnering with Rob DeFranco, and his brilliant team at Sequin AR, to enter the metaverse was an easy and organic decision. We can’t wait to unleash the multi-tentacled beast that is LMS on both existing fans and new audiences in this transformative medium.” – Stephan Lokotsch, Co-Founder, Section 9 Entertainment

“I first met Dan and Stephan around 10 years ago, and the LMS: Killbook has been proudly placed on my shelf since then. The world that Dan created is vivid, imaginative, and full of pop-culture references with a sharp satirical tone that makes it a model property for the metaverse. As we can see when the first book launched, there is a big community in place for LMS. Since the book first launched 10 years ago, there has been a cultural shift in how we interact with the properties we love. LMS is a story that has been waiting for the metaverse,  and we’re proud to be working on this property and creating a space where those fans can engage with the world they love.” – Rob DeFranco, CEO, Sequin AR

Learn more about the LMS Metaverse HERE

About Section 9 Entertainment

Section 9 Entertainment is an IP Development & Production company dedicated to the creation and elevation of contemporary pop culture, with an emphasis on vast world creation. The company is currently in various stages of development on a number of film, TV, VR, metaverse and game properties.

About Sequin AR

Sequin AR is a full-service virtual production studio providing virtual and augmented reality services and solutions to content creators, helping them produce stunning visuals. Sequin AR’s Hydrogen Metaverse Technology allows for higher fidelity, greater functionality and community building on the blockchain. Sequin AR is powering the premium metaverse.


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