Stockholm – 20 November 2017 – Following more than 2 million downloads of Bait!, their first virtual reality (VR) fishing game, Resolution Games has today launched a new entry in the series titled Bait! Arctic Open. The game will be available exclusively for players in Facebook Spaces, Facebook’s social VR app where you hang out with friends in a fun, interactive virtual environment as if you were in the same room.

Bait! Arctic Open turns virtual fishing into a multiplayer experience, connecting players with friends and family from around the world. Facebook Spaces users can now gather around a virtual fishing hole together, competing to catch the biggest fish in the game’s tournament mode or just leisurely casting a line while catching up with their social circles.  At launch there will be 13 different fish in the game such as the Icy Tuna, Polar Perch, Shivering Shrimp or Penguin Salmon.

“Fishing has always been at its most fun when done with friends, and thanks to Facebook Spaces, we’re able to bring the social side of fishing to a virtual environment,” said Tommy Palm, CEO and co-founder of Resolution Games. “Facebook Spaces has made incredible leaps when it comes to social engagement feeling genuine within VR. This makes experiences like Bait! that much more amazing to share with friends and family.”

Facebook Spaces users will be able to use all the regular Spaces functionality of drawing, collaborating, socializing, taking selfies, making Messenger video calls, and sharing their catches socially across Facebook while playing Bait! Arctic Open.

Bait! Arctic Open is available now as a free experience in Facebook Spaces. To learn more and follow Resolution Games at, on Twitter and Facebook.

About Resolution Games:

Resolution Games is a mixed reality games studio creating accessible, fun games that everyone can enjoy – pushing the limits of the emerging VR and AR games space. Their mobile VR fishing game, Bait!, is known as one of the most popular VR titles to date with more than 2 million downloads and counting, while their carnival-themed game, Wonderglade, is one of the highest rated games on Daydream. The studio is composed of game industry veterans, serial entrepreneurs and thought leaders with a proven track record of widely acclaimed success spanning across mass market and AAA games, free-to-play games, hardware and more. Resolution Games is privately held and based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Follow the company at and on Twitter and Facebook.


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