6th October 2022 – Developers Overrun & Well Played Studios are excited to announce that their exciting VR action-RPG Arcaxer will soon be available on Meta Quest alongside the game’s next major update, launching on October 13th, 2022. Previously only available via AppLab, Steam and PCVR, Arcaxer will now be playable natively and wirelessly on Meta Quest headsets. The update also includes new content, along with new features exclusive to Meta Quest 2.

The new mixed-reality pass-through mode – available to Quest 2 headset owners – enables you to explore procedurally-generated worlds placed in real life. Explore dungeons, fight monsters and earn loot just about anywhere you want – on coffee tables, in back gardens, and even at the top of a mountain, if you really want to. New items, monsters and abilities are also being added to Arcaxer, giving you even more to explore, utilise and interact with. 

Launched February last year for PCVR, Arcaxer is a turn-based VR RPG featuring first-person action-oriented combat mixed cleverly with a 3rd person god-view overworld for traversal. Initially launched for SideQuest before migrating to AppLab, Arcaxer channels the spirit of late 90s JRPGs with the modern versatility of VR gameplay. 

Discover a virtual world populated by an eclectic cast of enemies hellbent on causing destruction and fight your way through the seemingly endless maze known simply as ‘The Stack’. As you journey through Arcaxer, you’ll learn more about the hostile force known as the ‘Toxin’ and come face-to-face with the indomitable ‘Task Master’. Do you have what it takes to succeed?

Choose between numerous classes, explore procedurally generated dungeons, and experience combat at the heart of every battle from your POV. Gain strength as you journey through Arcaxer’s 20+ hour campaign by claiming weapons, discovering new abilities and finding everything this unique sci-fi world has to offer.

Aaron Lutes, Lead Artist on Arcaxer, said: “Arcaxer has made the journey from SideQuest to AppLab to Meta Quest main store, a feat we are exceptionally proud of accomplishing as a small Indie team with a dream, and one we can’t wait to share with you.” 

Anthony Graceffa, Lead Developer on Arcaxer, added: “This is our most EPIC update ever, and we’re beyond excited to bring new monsters, abilities, and features to the Meta Quest platform.”

This move to the Meta Quest is the result of Arcaxer having one of the highest user scores on the AppLab platform. Alongside universal appraise from the community, Arcaxer has also won a number of accolades including; 

  • 2022 Reboot Game Awards Champion
  • Finalist – Auggie 2022 Best Game or Toy at the AWE Awards Show
  • Finalist – Queensland XR Festival, VR Game of the Year

Arcaxer’s latest update will be available on October 13th, on Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2 and across Steam VR and Rift-compatible VR headsets.


Sean Earley is the Executive Editor of AR/VR Magazine & co-founder of RobotSpaceship Podcast Network. He is the Director of New Biz Development and Publishing at KEMWEB, a musician, producer & consultant. He loves guitars, VR and coffee.