Press Release – November 28, 2016 – Today Insta360, the world leader in creative 360-degree camera technology, launches an Indiegogo campaign for the Insta360 Air, a clip-on smartphone camera that captures immersive 360-degree HD images and videos that can be livestreamed or shared instantly on social media.

The portable camera comes in four fashionable colors. Matte black evokes a classic tone compared to the contemporary crisp white and silver version, or for the daring, choose a ravishing rose pink or rich gold.

Livestream on social media

Exclusively designed for Android devices the camera gives the social media savvy ultimate bragging rights. Android users can now share their life in 360 more easily than ever before.

Livestream parties, gigs and festivals to any 360-degree livestreaming platform such as YouTube or share images and videos easily with one-click uploads to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Messenger and WhatsApp.

HD images

Featuring an advanced 210-degree dual fish-eye-lens and real-time image stitching the Insta360 Air captures images in the round, so nothing and no one is out of shot. With 3K stills (with selected Android smartphones e.g. Samsung S7) and 2K videos, the camera boasts professional resolution at an everyday price.

Advanced stabilization technology

The Insta360 Air’s built-in advanced stabilization algorithm increases precision and makes it easy for anyone to capture smooth panoramic shots.

It is simple to use, once connected to an Android device the app automatically activates, which ensures the perfect pano shot is never missed. The app also features image and video editing tools so that users can create visual masterpieces specific to their taste.

Immersive experience

The virtual reality (VR) industry is predicted to be worth $162 billion by 2020*, it is an area of huge estimated growth and potential over the next few years. Because of this interest in VR, the Insta360 Air has a virtual reality mode so that users can create fully immersive experiences for their VR headsets.

The compact camera is lightweight and ultra portable. Compared with conventional 360-degree cameras the Insta360 Air is designed as an extension of the smartphone rather than a bulky add-on. The powerful device can also be used as a 360 webcam which users connect to laptops via the multifunctional extension cable to capture 360-degree video or livestream for longer periods of time.

“Android is the most common device in the world, so our aim for the Insta360 Air is to offer an affordable professional grade 360-degree camera for everyone,” said Liu Jingkang, Insta360 CEO and founder. “The camera combines the world’s love of cameras, social media and virtual reality all-in-one.”

Price and Availability

The Indiegogo campaign begins with a target of $20,000 to put the fashion tech accessory into mass production. Insta360 Air will be available on Indiegogo InDemand for $99. The Insta360 Air’s RRP is $119 and will be available on Amazon and Insta360’s official online store once the campaign finishes.

Key Features

  • Compatibility: Android phones (laptops and computers via transfer cable)
  • Sharing: Immediate share on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messenger and WeChat
  • Livestreaming: On any 360° platform which includes YouTube, Insta360 server via link
  • Panoramic Video Talk: 360° video talk on Skype and other meeting software
  • Image Stabilization: 360° electronic image stabilization system
  • Image Stitching: Real-time stitching
  • Warranty: One year for camera, one month for accessories, special terms applied to certain regions with specific local regulations
  • Apps: Insta360 Air, Insta360 Player
  • Camera: Dual 210° degree fish-eye lens
  • Minimum Aperture: F2.4
  • Shutter Speed: Adjustable
  • Photo Capture Resolution: 3008 x 1504 (3K)
  • Video: 2560 x 1280 (2K). On some Android systems, 3008 x 1504 (3K). Systems include latest Android mobiles such as Samsung S7, S7 edge, and Huawei P9
  • Dimensions [Metric]: 38mm diameter, 39.5mm height
  • Dimensions (US): 0.12ft diameter, 0.13ft height
  • Weight: 26.5g
  • Connector: Micro USB /Type-C
  • ISO: Adjustable

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About Insta360

Established in 2014, Shenzhen Arashi Vision Co. Ltd is a consumer technology company committed to creating the world’s most advanced and affordable 360-degree cameras. Designed lightweight and portable the products can be used in tourism, real estate, mass media, events and conferences, among other industries. With a vested interest in virtual reality, users can view the content created by the cameras in VR headsets for a truly immersive experience.

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