VANCOUVER, SEPTEMBER 22, 2022 – MENTAL has received the long-anticipated Open World Story update. Players can now explore a massive city in VR with super-human parkour and slow-motion abilities. Complete the 20+ hours of story missions to take over 3 rival gangs. Help out the interesting individuals you meet along the way to earn money & upgrade yourself to become an unstoppable force. It’s time to get MENTAL!

Watch the MENTAL Open World Story Teaser Trailer:

Inspired by games like GTA, Mirror’s Edge, Assassin’s Creed, and Far Cry this open-world update places you in the shoes of a petty criminal who, with the influence of his old friend Slade and visions from a mysterious Prophet, decides to bring the city’s criminal underground to its heels.

The map is incredibly large for a VR game. Within the city bounds, civilians are walking around going about their day, the police always keeping a watchful eye, and gangsters putting on their best behavior to avoid police heat. Here the police are quick to respond to crime so you must also watch your moves. But if things get heated you can always escape to the rooftops of the highrises, that is if you don’t want to stay and fight police reinforcements.

The outskirts are a different story though. As you progress through the in-depth story, you’ll have to leave the safety of the city and venture into unchecked, lawless lands. Here you will raid gang bases, and eliminate their boss, in an effort to take over their operation and resources. Along the way, you may also have run-ins with savages who want a taste of your blood, and cultists who want to… well we’d rather not say. Still, these dangerous journeys pay dividends in the form of new guns and lots of cash!

The city is full of interesting individuals that will ask for your help in return for some quick cash. These might be your friendly neighbors who need something illegal taken care of, random strangers that are literally dying for some help, or gangsters that are doing drug deals in exchange for large amounts of cash…

To fight the dangers lurking around the map, you must be well equipped at all times. With 25 guns that can be unlocked and upgraded, you need to make sure that you are armed with the strongest weapons available to stay ahead of the curve! You can also upgrade your guns through many different challenges and unlock new camos to style on enemies even harder.

While you can get by just running and gunning, slo-mo and parkour abilities will allow you to get that much-needed edge to survive deadly encounters with your opposition. Parkour also makes for a uniquely entertaining way to get around the city, as you can leap from rooftop to rooftop, climb whatever makes sense, and wall-run across large gaps.

MENTAL Key Features:

  • A massive open world to explore with hundreds of people populating the city and its outskirts.
  • Take on rival gangs as you level up in the 20+ hours of in-depth story and explore the unique & funny ways to earn money in MENTAL
  • Be careful who you shoot, the police are always watching! Run away to lose them or stand your ground and fight never-ending reinforcements.
  • Explore every inch of the map with our all-new climbing and wall-run systems. Infinitely combine them to achieve true freedom of movement.
  • Fully interactive guns with their own set of attachments, challenges, and skins. Buy new weapons & upgrade them to keep up with your enemies.
  • Get headshots to stay in slow-motion as long as you can.

With an in-depth story, side missions, funny characters, a huge map to explore, and lots of guns to unlock and upgrade; it’s impossible to have a dull moment in what everyone is calling the “GTA of VR”. To learn more about MENTAL check out the Steam page and stay up to date with the latest news, join our Discord community.

About VR-Connected Entertainment

VR-Connected was founded in 2019 by two brothers, Ege & Ata Taskent, with a shared passion for making exceptional virtual reality games. After trying VR for the first time at an arcade, they bought a headset and started developing MENTAL shortly after. It has been over 3 years since then, and what started out as a passion project grew into an awe-inspiring VR game and an exciting startup.

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