Microsoft has just announced today at their Windows 10 devices event, that they will be shipping HoloLens Development Editions in Q1 of 2016 and they will be priced at $3000.

The devices will be released first in USA & Canada, to developers who are part of the Windows Insider program, and can apply directly via the website.

The HoloLens is an untethered mixed reality device that projects holograms in the real word. It currently offers a 40% field of view and features advanced optics, multiple sensors and a custom holographic processing unit which enables you to interact with holograms in the real world.

At the event, Microsoft also revealed Project XRay, a first person shooter game for the HoloLens, which allows the player to use an “undisclosed hand held device” as a ray gun to blast aliens as they burst out of the walls. No info yet as to what the device was or if they will be releasing some sort of hand held accessory for the HoloLens in the future.

More info as it becomes available.


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