The virtual and augmented reality application takes VR/AR beyond gaming into the world of STEM

Nanome, a virtual and augmented reality software company for scientific discovery, announced that its molecular software application is available on the Meta Quest Pro.

Meta Quest Pro users are able to use the app to build and step inside molecules, collaborate with teams in real-time globally, and inspire the next generation of chemists and biologists.

Nanome helps scientists discover ‘eureka’ moments that could otherwise be easily missed – by deepening scientists’ understanding of the interactions that happen at the molecular level.  This enables scientists to get life-saving drugs to market faster and better understand how mutations work, helping combat pandemics. 

Agricultural, biopharmaceutical, chemical and food companies already use Nanome to make research and development (R&D) decisions worth billions of dollars. Over half of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies and other research and development labs use Nanome for their drug discovery efforts, including Novartis and Roche (Chugai)

Although computer-aided drug discovery tools have become more common in R&D settings, they have traditionally only been used by specialized computational chemists. Nanome lowers the barrier to entry, allowing more scientists to analyze and design using state-of-the-art computational algorithms.

In academia, the platform is a huge leap forward from the traditional physical molecular models invented by August Wilhelm von Hofmann in the 1860s, making the study of molecules immersive and interactive. For students, traditionally challenging academic fields like organic chemistry and molecular biology become exciting and accessible through Nanome’s virtual reality platform, inspiring future chemists and biologists.

Steve McCloskey, Founder and CEO of Nanome, said: “Nanome helps scientists and students step inside molecular structures and hold them in their hands, leading to more, and faster, scientific breakthroughs and deeper learning.

“We are thrilled to offer a free version of Nanome on the new Meta Quest Pro, which will bring the world of science to life for millions of people across the globe. The inclusion of Nanome demonstrates the wider benefits of Meta’s new Headset beyond gaming alone.

“For decades, scientists have looked to visualization tools like 3D glasses to help make molecular chemistry and biology more accessible and tangible. Now, with the access of virtual and augmented reality, Nanome will give even more people the chance to collaborate on and directly interact with their data and molecules by literally grabbing and moving molecules around to solve scientific problems.

“The inclusion of Nanome on the Meta Quest Pro will also bring science to life and inspire the next generation of chemists and biologists.”

Nanome is available for free on the new Meta Quest Pro headset, released on October 25. Users can download the app from App Lab, SteamVR, Vive Business, and Pico app stores or download at

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About Nanome

Nanome is the first virtual and augmented reality software company to launch an immersive real-time collaboration platform for scientific discovery, and is changing the way we understand and interact with science at the molecular level. The software environment allows users to visualize, modify, and simulate proteins, chemical compounds, and nucleic acids to accelerate scientific decision-making. The platform facilitates effective communication of data and integrates with existing computational chemistry workflows—features that have led to the adoption of the San Diego–based company’s enterprise solution by pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide.


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