According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, NextVR Inc. just received $30.5 Million in funding from a joint venture between Comcast, Time Warner Inc, MSG, Dick Clark Productions and some others.

NextVR is a technology company that has developed a system for capturing and delivering live and on-demand virtual reality experiences, most recently VR broadcasts of the Democratic presidential debate and the National Basketball Association’s season-opening game.

This investment from Comcast and Time Warner is one of many lately, in order to position their businesses for the future of this next great media platform. Comcast recently invested $10 Million in AltspaceVR, Disney invested in Jaunt Inc. and the New York Times recently partnered with Google / Alphabet Inc. to deliver over 1 million Google Cardboard viewers to it’s subscribers in order to promote their new VR video platform.

A big sign that there are big deals going down in VR tech and this is definitely only the beginning.


Sean Earley is the Executive Editor of AR/VR Magazine & co-founder of RobotSpaceship Podcast Network. He is the Director of New Biz Development and Publishing at KEMWEB, a musician, producer & consultant. He loves guitars, VR and coffee.