Oculus announced yesterday that it will be shipping it’s Rift SDK 1.0 software and early builds of it’s final Rift hardware to select developers who are working on releases that are set to launch in Q1 2016.

According to Oculus:

“The Rift SDK 1.0 and runtime include features tied to the consumer product, so we’ve currently limited the release to developers putting final touches on launch titles.”

Oculus states that they will be shipping hardware and software to developers every week up until the yet to be revealed Rift launch date, sometime in Q1 206.

Developers who are planning a Q1 project release who do not yet have the new hardware can submit a preview via the Oculus submission tool for consideration.


Sean Earley is the Executive Editor of AR/VR Magazine & co-founder of RobotSpaceship Podcast Network. He is the Director of New Biz Development and Publishing at KEMWEB, a musician, producer & consultant. He loves guitars, VR and coffee.