Fans of active VR games are in for a treat this weekend, as Synth Riders is free-to-play for everyone on Steam. The full version of the game is free to download and play starting today at 10AM PT through Sunday, 10AM PT, making it the perfect time to put on the dancing shoes, bring friends, and check out this popular rhythm title.

Synth Riders is an award-winning VR rhythm game from Kluge Interactive, combining action and dance for an immersive musical experience that activates the entire body – a perfect way to get moving again after the Holiday break!

The Free Weekend event gives unlimited access to the full version of the game on Steam, including 56 licensed songs, custom song support, and cross-platform Multiplayer for up to 10 people. Players are invited to experiment with multiple game-changing modifiers, including a recently introduced, mind-bending Spiral Mode.

Even though this Free Weekend can only be made available for Steam, Oculus Quest players are always able to try the game for free at any time, thanks to the generous Synth Riders Demo available on AppLab.

Check out the Synth Riders trailer on YT:

“We are very excited to welcome all players curious about Synth Riders who haven’t had a chance to play it yet. With VR, being able to try a game for yourself is crucial, and offers a very different experience to just watching a trailer or looking at screenshots. We hope that everyone will really enjoy playing Synth Riders, and can’t wait to see you all in Multiplayer!”

Abraham Aguero Benzecri – Creative Director at Kluge Interactive

Synth Riders can be played for free on Steam from Thursday, January 20th, 10AM PT to Sunday, January 23rd, 1PM PT. The game supports all SteamVR headsets, including Oculus Quest via Link or Virtual Desktop. Players can save 45% by taking advantage of a time-limited discount to keep on riding when the Free Weekend ends.
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