Press Release – Orlando, FL – March 24, 2021 – Defense Strategies Institute is proud to announce the 4th Annual Military Virtual Training and Simulation Summit, taking place May 25-26, 2021 in Orlando, FL. This year’s Summit will focus on the efforts to leverage M&S technologies across the Military in order to improve training and prepare the warfighter for current and future challenges, highlighting this year’s theme “Preparing the Warfighter for the Multi-Domain Battlefield”.

Virtual training tools will allow the soldiers and marines to fight multiple battles before they see the real thing, pilots to fly and training missions without the risk of a crash, and sailors to hone their skills without having to be a sea. Discussions at this senior level forum will emphasize the critical need for the rapid acquisition of VT&S capabilities to improve warfighter readiness while at the same time increasing safety and reducing cost.

The 2021 Military Virtual Training and Simulation Summit will feature senior-level speakers including:

  • COL Joseph Nolan, USA, Military Deputy, Army CCDC Simulation and Training Center
  • Col Dean Caldwell, USAF, Director of Operations Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR)
  • Randy Jackson, Chief of Mission Preparation, J3, USSOCOM
  • Dr. Winston Bennett, Technical Advisor711th Human Performance Wing
  • Jude Tomasello, Program Manager for Medical Simulation and Training, DHA
  • Dr. David “Fuzzy’ Wells, Director IST, School of Modeling Simulation and Training

Topics to be covered at the Summit Include:

  • Accelerating Synthetic Training Capabilities to Meet our Future Training Requirements
  • Utilizing Modeling and Simulation to Close Lethality and Readiness Gaps
  • Transforming Virtual Training Infrastructure in order to Create a Realistic and Relevant Operational Training Environment
  • Enhancing the Capabilities of America’s Warfighters through LVC
  • Developing and Acquiring M&S Systems to Prepare Soldiers for a Near-Peer Adversary
  • Enabling Pilots to Train Like They Fight in a Secure, High Fidelity Training Environment
  • Employing Modeling and Simulation to Provide Simulation Capabilities and Training to Army Pilots

DSI is now welcoming Sponsors and Exhibitors for the forum. To learn more please contact Thomas Engelman at, 201-918-3477.

In order to allow for actionable discussion and dialogue amongst speaker and attendees, seating will be limited. Register now to reserve your seat. Active military and government and state personnel attend complimentary. Those interested in participating in the 4th Military Virtual Training & Simulation Summit can visit Defense Strategies Institute’s website at

Anyone interested in learning more or sending questions contact Erica Noreika at, 201-896-7802.


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