ShelfZone is a pretty incredible looking VR store simulator, created for large-scale retail trade and consumer goods companies. Manufactured by the Italian startup inVRsion for the HTC Vive, ShelfZone is able to recreate shops, supermarkets and even shopping malls with impressive realism.

We haven’t had a chance to actually demo the app in person yet, but in the video below, it appears to have some pretty sweet features, including voice recognition, AI, social recommendations and some really realistic graphics that cover some fairly believebale shopping use cases. If this works the way it does in the video, we think this app is pretty freaking amazing!

According to inVRsion: “A consumer could buy groceries directly from home simply with a VR headset, enjoying a more “exciting” experience through the help of artificial intelligence.”

The app has recently won the Italian Popai Award 2016 as “Best in Show” solution and will take part in the Popai Global Awards 2017.

About inVRsion

inVRsion is an Italian startup that specializes in VR real-time room-scale simulators. Founded in 2015 by Matteo Esposito, Paolo Pascolo, Flora Caroli and Luca Ferrari Trecate, its mission is to create Virtual Rooms in which business contexts can be simulated with the purpose of showrooming and carrying out market research. The main application areas of inVRsion are the following sectors: retail, automotive and real estate.

To learn more check out their website at:


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