Brussels – November 2017 – Stereopsia will be held Brussels, Belgium on December 11-13, 2017. Also called “World Immersion Forum”, Stereopsia unites the world’s leading professionals in immersive technologies and content: 3D cinema, 3D sound, virtual and mixed reality. This experimental laboratory has brought together experts from around the world for 9 years, and now also opens to the general public.

Stereopsia gathers 80 experts from all four continents. For 3 days, it will features several components, such as:

  • A Scientific conference (International Conference on 3D Immersion – IC3D)
  • A hands-on training in Mixed Reality (3D Academy – 3DAC)
  • A springboard for VR content projects (3D Film Booster – 3DFB)
  • A Professional conference (PCON)

A general public component

Stereopsia will also feature an exhibition area, with booths and VR demos. Stereopsia is a good showcase for bringing young Brussels companies in contact with major international players, and to show the general public what is already achievable with these new media.

Stereopsia also features a competition for 3D and 3DVR content. The Lumiere Awards of the Advanced Imaging Society and the VR Society of Hollywood for the EMEA zone (Europe, Middle East and Africa) will be bestowed on 13 December during a glamourous Awards dinner. After Hollywood, Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul, Brussels will have the privilege to hand out the Lumiere Awards. These Awards are the most prestigious in the world for immersive content.

The event is organized in association with the Advanced Imaging Society and the VR Society, both associaitons are based in Hollywood, and Jim Chabin is their President. “The 3D and VR content market and the new consumption habits of these images are evolving at an incredible pace. Virtual Reality, and even more Augmented Reality, will soon be a real revolution in how to get informed or entertained”, Jim Chabin explains.

Why organize such a forum in Brussels?

Professor Jacques Verly of the University of Liège is at the origin of Stereopsia, associated since 2009 with Alain Gallez, organizer of scientific conferences. This event, focused on Research and Development in 3D, brings together researchers, academics, professionals from around the world to exchange best practices and 3D content. With the emergence of virtual reality as a full-fledged media, Stereopsia integrates all immersive content including virtual reality and opens its festival this year to the general public who can come to BOZAR to screen the nominated 3D movies and VR content.

The Brussels Region through the Minister-President, Rudi Vervoort; the Minister of the Economy, Didier Gosuin; and the Secretary of State for Foreign Trade, Cécile Jodogne, supports the event. “Stereopsia is in line with the digital plan in Brussels. This plan consists in 20 concrete measures to transform the Brussels Region into an international digital hub. One of them is to make Brussels the reference on a European scale. By welcoming Stereopsia, we position the Region at the center of the ICT landscape map. Today, we must invest in innovative sectors with high potential. By supporting Virtual Reality as a growth sector, we are taking advantage of the outlook for both jobs and wealth creation for the people of Brussels”, Didier Gosuin explains.

“With more than 2,000 companies active in the audiovisual and digital sector, Brussels has the capacity to become a real hub for new technologies. The digital market in Brussels is growing rapidly and is expanding its field of activity with virtual, augmented and mixed reality. Stereopsia is an obvious point of interest for this sector and fits in perfectly with the regional strategy for the development of the digital industry and the media in Brussels (i.e. Mediapark) and abroad.” Cécile Jodogne, Secretary of State in charge of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment.

“Creating immersive content is very complex. Everything is to be rewritten: sound, image,… Exchanging experience is a smart and fast way to produce good content for an audience in demand. It is a privilege to host such an event in Brussels, a boon for our many Brussels skilled companies. Stereopsia will certainly allow them to make their projects grow and evolve.” Juan Bossicard explains, Manager of cluster.

Barco, the world leader in the market for visualization technologies for professionals, is a privileged partner of Stereopsia. The other partners are: EVS, INVR, Vision3, Cow Prod,

Practical information:

Stereopsia is accessible to all upon registration ( except for the exhibition area which is open to all.and free of charge.

Journalists wishing to attend the Professional conference can be accredited free of charge by sending a copy of their press card to .

Information at

Press file at


Press contacts:

Alain Gallez / +32 495 54 55 90

Cathy Schoels / +32 477 68 02 80




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