The company I AM Cardboard, the makers of some really nice Google Cardboard headsets, has just announced a new VR headset via Kickstarter. Their new dscvr VR Headset was announced yesterday, via their newsletter, and looks like it is set to reach it’s goal by tomorrow, with 29 days left to go.

Anyone who has owned previous Cardboard headsets will know how inconvenient it can be to carry them around for long periods of time and due to normal wear and tear of the construction, usually don’t last long without some strategic duct taping (in my case stapling…) and other MacGyver-like repairs.

The dscvr headset is made out of collapsable plastic, comes with a case, and has some very nice features that make it a really useful, inexpensive headset for people like me, who carry them everywhere. It also allows for multiple phone sizes, which is great for those of us who have not yet shelled out the extra cash to upgrade to one of the newer, larger phones.

I have already funded the Kickstarter, and since it seems to be well on it’s way to reaching it’s funding goal, I’ll certainly do a review as soon as I receive them, which they say should be shipped by December 2015.

The funding is happing quickly, so I encourage you all to jump in and reserve yours while the prices are cheap.

Click Here to check out the Kickstarter Campaign.


The project has been fully funded and they are now even available for purchase in different colors. I ordered a black one, so i’ll share when I get it.
Click here to order one for yourself.


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