SALT LAKE CITY, April 12, 2022 – Since its inception, VAL’s dedication to the growth of virtual reality has remained the driving force behind its unique business model. The company’s expertise in both major esports events, and strong marketing initiatives, has developed into a recent major financial milestone. In 2022, a new partnership with the renowned publisher Fun Train to help launch the Tarzan VR™ trilogy and The Twilight Zone VR will confirm $1 million in revenue for the VAL team.

“Our exponential growth has really confirmed that the attraction of VR esports is a rising and competitive medium for entertainment across the globe. We’re seeing new advances in this industry every day, and we’re so lucky to work with amazing individuals and groups like Fun Train and the creators at VAL Uprising to see VR evolve into something much greater than we ever imagined,” says CEO and Co-Founder, Ryan Burningham.

Fun Train’s catalog carries established cinematic franchises into virtual reality through adventures that take fans into familiar stories with unexplored worlds. Initially launched in 2019, the Tarzan VR™ series is officially debuting the Tarzan VR™ Trilogy Edition on Oculus Rift and Steam later this month.

This summer, the Fun Train team is also returning to the genres of mystery and fear, where it found its first major success in The Exorcist: Legion VR, with its brand new title, The Twilight Zone VR. This experience will allow players to enter another dimension of not only sight and sound but of mind in three exhilarating stories.

Oculus beta testing for The Twilight Zone VR begins on April 27, and players can sign up now through The Twilight Zone VR website.

Information about Fun Train and their upcoming projects is available at

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About The Virtual Athletics League (Virtualities, Inc)

Founded on the idea that VR esports is a social and technological revolution, Virtual Athletics League takes the best elements of esports and the digital, collaborative world and combines them with the real physicality and athleticism from traditional sports. Since running the world’s first official Beat Saber tournament

in 2018, VAL has partnered with over 60 game studios and received sponsorships from major brands like HTC and HP. The VAL team works with content creators across all major online social platforms to market VR game developers and titles through conventional marketing efforts and through hosting the largest bi-annual VR tournaments through the VR Summer and Winter Games.

About Fun Train:

Fun Train is a producer of premium virtual reality experiences based on established cinematic franchises. The company’s first title, The Exorcist: Legion VR launched for Oculus Quest in May, 2019. and is available on PSVR and Steam. The sequel for Exorcist: Legion VR, titled Exorcist: Safety in Numbers is currently in production.


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