Press Release – Santa Clara, Calif. – November 21st, 2016 – Today, VideoStitch announced the release of a new version of its 360° video post-production software VideoStitch Studio. New features include support of ProRes and H265 codec, rig presets and feathering.

“With the new version of VideoStitch Studio we give professional 360° content creators a great new tool that will save them a lot of valuable time during the post-production process without compromising the quality of their output,” says Nicolas Burtey, CEO of VideoStitch Inc.


In the VR industry VideoStitch Studio is already well known for its unique interactive high-resolution live preview as well as its rapid processing. The software stitches more than twice as quickly as any other stitching software on the market today. With various new features VideoStitch Studio 2.2 promises an even easier and faster workflow. Support of ProRes ensures a high quality and interoperability with third parties. Support of H265 codec widens the range of cameras that can be used with the software. Newly added rig presets allow for quick and automatic stitching with optimal calibration results. Feathering provides for improved blending of the input videos. Also, audio and motion synchronization has been greatly enhanced so that various inputs can be integrated flawlessly. Last but not least, the software supports the latest NVIDIA graphics card, GTX-10 series.

New Features Include:

  • Rig presets
  • Support of ProRes
  • Support of H265 codec
  • Feathering
  • Improved synchronization
  • Support of GTX-10 series

VideoStitch Studio 2.2 is available for trial download on The full license costs $295 US.

About VideoStitch

VideoStitch Inc. is a leader in virtual reality solutions. Founded in 2012 the company quickly established itself as a major provider of high quality live and postproduction 360° video creation software. With Orah 4i it entered the hardware market in 2016, offering the first all-in-one 4K camera designed for high quality VR live streaming. VideoStitch thus provides a solution for every scenario in VR video production on the market to date. Its customer base ranges from small production houses to Fortune 500 companies in over 62 countries, primarily from the entertainment and media industry. Originally founded in Paris, VideoStitch Inc. is now headquartered in California. Today it employs a team of 40 VR enthusiasts across Paris, Santa Clara and Los Angeles. For more information please visit and


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