PRESS RELEASE – January 2023 – Premium metaverse builder, Sequin AR, has partnered with Woodstock Ventures, founders and producers of the original Woodstock Festival, to give music fans across the globe a place to come together and discover new talent: Woodstock World.

Sequin AR is building on their successful music experiences, having worked on projects featuring Madonna, Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande, Rob Thomas and more. In Woodstock World Sequin AR is developing the future of music, inviting record labels to discover the breakthrough artists of the future — the next generation of performers.

The original festival brought together over half a million people using 1969’s cutting-edge analogue tools, and now Woodstock World will offer a completely 3D virtual environment, giving you a place to get lost in the music and party in the metaverse. Festival-goers can immerse themselves in an interactive space that encourages a harmonious convergence of music and peace in a dimension hitherto unimaginable. And you’ll discover new music along the way.

Partnering with Woodstock Ventures, Sequin AR’s Woodstock World promises an expansive platform for all things music. Interact with your favorite performers and get closer to the music you love, or discover new sounds from breakthrough artists. Sequin AR is building exclusive behind-the-scenes content, interactive archives, and the chance to revisit legendary history-making performances.

Robert DeFranco, CEO, Sequin AR – “Woodstock was and still is all about people, from all aspects of life coming together for an experience that makes them one. The metaverse provides a way for people all over the world, of all ages, to meet other people who love the same thing they do… and you don’t need an expensive plane ticket or a time machine, just the device you use every day.”

Woodstock World is a premium metaverse experience, employing Web3 technology to open up a wealth of groundbreaking opportunities for music fans. Using Unreal Engine 5 and Sequin AR’s proprietary metaverse platform, Woodstock World will integrate avatars, blockchain, streaming video, analytics and hosting to deliver a fully consolidated experience. With a platform dedicated to delivering a totally immersive, unifying environment , Sequin AR invites you to live the music you love in ways you never knew you could.

“In 1969, Woodstock changed music history and defined a generation, combining the power of shared experience with culture’s greatest musical talent” says Joel Rosenman, co-producer of the original Woodstock and spokesperson with his partners in Woodstock Ventures. “Woodstock World allows everyone everywhere to have an even more magical experience liberated from the boundaries of time and space.”

Faithful to the original festival, Woodstock World will utilize archival 2D content alongside motion capture recreations that enable fans to interact with their favorite tracks and artists from history in real-time — relive classic moments and historical performances from 1969. 

With the global music streaming market set to be worth over $33 billion by 2030, Woodstock World will bring music fans together, with collective experiences more accessible to users far and wide for a party of every musical blend. Together as one, finally, everyone can experience the magic of Woodstock.

Woodstock World launches in 2023.

Learn more about Woodstock World HERE!

About Sequin AR

Sequin AR is a metaverse platform company represented by WME, and allows for higher fidelity, greater functionality, and community building on the blockchain. Sequin AR is powering the premium metaverse. The Sequin platform and virtual productions services allow for brands, retailers, and content creators to increase consumer engagement and revenue. 

About Woodstock Ventures

Woodstock Ventures was formed to produce the legendary Woodstock Festival in 1969. As the owner of the trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property derived from the Woodstock Festival, the company has created Woodstock products and experiences for more than 50 years. The company’s partners include original Woodstock producer Joel Rosenman and the families of producers Michael Lang and John Roberts. Today, Woodstock Ventures develops events, projects and merchandise consistent with Woodstock’s values and supports causes and organizations that complement those values.

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