This week we are at Xbiz 2017, one of the largest adult industry business events. One of the key reasons we cover the adult industry is because it is one of leading industries for driving consumer VR adoption. This year, VR was a main focus and there were some exciting announcements at the event.

One of the highlights was the announcement by a company called Terpon, who is releasing a new front facing, plug and play web cam this spring, that is targeted specifically for adult web cam performers.

We had a chance to interview Terpon’s CEO, Jean-Claude Artonne about some of the interesting benefits that the new camera has to offer:

About the Camera

Since adult VR experiences are primarily front facing, the camera features two, stereoscopic cameras with a 200° field of view. The camera streams 2D or 3D video and includes a set of stereo microphones. The camera is plug and play via USB, just like any other web cam, so it works on PC & Mac, iOS and Android. There is no proprietary software needed, so the camera can be used for any web cam platform that offers an API, as well as for independent performers who use their own platforms or chat.

We are still waiting for tech specifications on the camera, so we don’t have too many details, but we will update you as soon as we receive them. We can tell you however, that based on the live demo, the quality of the experience was decent. When viewing the live cam on a mobile VR headset, the user has an option to look down and trigger the phone’s camera so they can type or use their hands for “certain purposes.”

One interesting benefit of camera is that it will be based on a subscription model. For $30 per month, a cam performer can subscribe to the service, receive the camera, and will be able to exchange the camera any time a new hardware upgrade is released. This way the performer can be insured that they always have the most cutting edge camera hardware, without any additional costs.

In addition to the camera service, Terpon will have a separate, non adult online shop where the performer’s customers can shop for VR headsets and the performers can receive a sales commission via the shop’s affiliate program.

About Terpon

Terpon is a Swiss based company that provides high-end, connected virtual reality, immersive, and haptic devices. Their objectives are to design, manufacture and distribute aesthetically unique tools for the fast growing online live-entertainment market, improving and intensifying the experience for both users and broadcasters. Terpon received a Tech Leadership Award at Xbiz 2017 for their new VR camera.


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