Enschede, Netherlands, April 2021 Xsens, the leading innovator in inertial motion tracking technology for 3D character animation, sports, health, and ergonomics, openly invites its global communities of users to register for free to join the first-ever Mocap Content Creators Conference (MCCC) on Friday 23 April. 

Xsens strives to always empower small and large studios with the right technology to realise their creative ideas – providing accurate motion capture, cloud services and flexible pricing for every kind of production. With an esteemed lineup of speakers from across the industry, Xsens is providing attendees with a channel of exclusive insights into the company’s next-gen, motion capture solution, already being utilised on a number of exciting VFX projects, big and small, to bring compelling content to life for (virtual) productions and more.

Bringing years of experience from across the entire production industry, attendees will have exclusive access to firsthand insights from pioneering video content creators, including vTuber CodeMiko, youtubers and video content creators Corridor Digital and Cory Strassburger, amongst other stellar names.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join the MCCC to hear panellists dive into world-first insights and best practice tips, including perfecting the creative process, enabling Xsens inside the Unreal Engine, and much more.

Register for free now to join the global Xsens community at the MCCC on Friday 23 April 2021 @  09:30am PST. The link for the MCCC is https://www.xsens.com/mccc 

About Xsens

Xsens is the leading innovator in 3D motion tracking technology and products. Our sensor fusion technologies enable a seamless interaction between the physical and the digital world in consumer electronics devices and professional applications such as Motion Capture, Motion Analysis, healthcare, sports and industrial applications. Clients and partners include Electronic Arts, NBC Universal, Daimler, Autodesk, ABB, Siemens and various other leading institutes and companies throughout the world.

Xsens has offices in Enschede, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Bangalore. Please contact us online at https://www.xsens.com.


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